We hope all our members are staying safe and keeping well at this time. We look forward to seeing you all back in Dungarvan Golf Club when restrictions are lifted. In the meantime, please keep in touch with your fellow members. It is a difficult time for many people and a simple phone call can make such a difference especially to many people living alone.


As we move into week three of lockdown, essential work is continuing at the club. Anthony Morrissey and his team continue to work hard maintaining the course and the office is manned by Jimmy Wemyss for essential Administration work, Monday to Friday from 9am until 1pm. 


Many thanks to all our members who paid their subscriptions or set up Standing Orders in October, this support is greatly appreciated. We ask all members to show their support for the club, if they are in a position to do so, by paying their subs as soon as possible. This can be done securely over the phone with Jimmy or by setting up a standing order with the bank.

Given the restricted office hours, please be patient if the phone is busy and leave your name and number on the voicemail and Jimmy will return your call. Alternatively please email office@dungarvangolfclub.com with any assistance you require.


The biggest change in golf took place last Monday 2nd November when we moved over to the World Handicap System. Your Handicap Secretaries and Captains have been very busy ensuring all aspects of this change runs smoothly.

We have put some notes together to help you understand the changes. Further information is also available on www.golfnet.ie.

There are some new terms that you will need to become familiar with. ‘Handicap Index’ ‘Playing Index’ and ‘Slope Rating’ all of which came into play from the 2nd of November.

Your ‘Handicap Index’ is used to calculate your ‘Playing Index’, which will vary depending on the course you play. Each course will have its own ‘Slope Rating’ according to the difficulty of the course and therefore your ‘Playing Handicap’ will be different in different clubs.

How is your Handicap Index calculated?
The Handicap Index is averaged on your best rounds submitted in qualifying competitions over the past three years of play. From this your best 8 rounds are taken from 20 returns and averaged to give your index.

The slope rating for Dungarvan Golf Club is as follows:
Red Tees: 125         Green Tees: 121     Blue Tees: 125        White Tees: 123

When you sign in to play you will see your ‘Handicap Index’ and the ‘Playing Index’ for the course. 

How do you get to your Playing Handicap?

The computer does this for you but if you want to know how to work it out then there is a formula to follow.

The formula to work out your Playing Handicap for any club is:

Handicap Index x slope rating divided by 113 (which is the average slope rating).

Example for a player with a handicap index of 18
i.e. 18 x 125 divided by 113 = 19.9. Which means you will be playing off 20 in Dungarvan Golf Club.

Charts will be displayed in every golf club when registering for a round of golf that will show the calculation for you to use.

Members are able to log in and see their handicap index.

Visit this Link to register on Golf Ireland https://www.golfireland.ie/signup?fbclid=IwAR0ntyLalk_shQAGvrf52BPm_Teo6nSyL_JN_Q3g7q1yp_UmKVvs3C4-ic

We will provide further information before we get back to playing golf.