We all waited with baited breath to hear the Government announcements on Friday night and were delighted to hear that we could open to play our beloved game of golf again.

As per emails communicated via BRS we opened up the timesheet on Friday at 19.10pm for tee times from Tuesday 1st to  Sunday 6th December. Please make note of the competition only and casual golf times.

If you are playing in a competition you will need to know your Handicap Index and then look at the tables on the noticeboards to find out your Course Playing Handicap. Please note that these are not the same. These tables are displayed both in the locker rooms and on the noticeboard outside the doors to the lockers rooms.


Our office will be back to the normal hours of 9am-1pm and 2pm-5pm from Tuesday 1st December. Thank you to those who have paid their subscriptions so far or who have put a standing order in place.

We encourage members to make subscription payments over the phone by calling us on 058-43310 or to contact us if they need bank details to make payment directly or for setting up a Standing Order.

For other enquiries please email us:


Following the Governments announcement in relation to Level 3 restrictions due to COVID 19 golf clubs and golfers must adhere to the following:

–       Golfers must not travel outside their county of residence to play golf.

–       From 18th Dec to 6th Jan golfers can travel to another county to play as restrictions are eased over the Christmas period.

–       Timesheets at Dungarvan Golf Club will be in ten-minute intervals with up to four golfers per start time.

–       Members and Visitors with colds or any symptoms must stay away from the course and clubhouse.

–       Physical Distancing rules are observed by all members and their guests at all times in the car park, clubhouse and on the course.

–       Players are asked not to touch the flag or flagstick.

–       All Members and Visitors must wear a mask when in Club House/Pro Shop/Office and Restaurant.


Thank you to both the Men and Ladies Committees who continue to be very busy ensuring all aspects of the change to the World Handicap System runs smoothly.   

There are some new terms that you will need to become familiar with. ‘Handicap Index’ ‘Playing Index’ and ‘Slope Rating’ all of which came into play from the 2nd of November.

Your ‘Handicap Index’ is used to calculate your ‘Playing Index’, which will vary depending on the course you play. Each course will have its own ‘Slope Rating’ according to the difficulty of the course and therefore your ‘Playing Handicap’ will be different in different clubs.

How is your Handicap Index calculated?
The Handicap Index is averaged on your best rounds submitted in qualifying competitions over the past three years of play. From this your best 8 rounds are taken from 20 returns and averaged to give your index.

The slope rating for Dungarvan Golf Club is as follows:
Red Tees: 125          Green Tees: 121 Blue Tees: 125  White Tees: 123

When you sign in to play you will see your ‘Handicap Index’ and the ‘Playing Index’ for the course. 

How do you get to your Playing Handicap?

The computer does this for you but if you want to know how to work it out then there is a formula to follow. The formula to work out your Playing Handicap for any club is:

Handicap Index x slope rating divided by 113 (which is the average slope rating).

Example for a player with a handicap index of 18
i.e. 18 x 125 divided by 113 = 19.9. Which means you will be playing off 20 in Dungarvan Golf Club.

Charts will be displayed in every golf club when registering for a round of golf that will show the calculation for you to use. We will provide further information before we get back to playing golf. For further information visit


We held a very popular photography competition towards the end of the summer and received some beautiful images of the flora and fauna at Dungarvan Golf Club. Karen Dempsey Photography chose Cathie O’Mahony Whelan as the worthy winner and Cathie’s winning photo was showcased in our notes in September.Last week we featured beautiful images taken by Mary Power and Mary Kiely. This weeks photos are by our Lady Captain Angela Murphy and Ina Considine.  These photos were taken in August of this year.