We were all delighted to get confirmation last week that golf will be one of the first sports to resume from Monday 26th of April. While this is a few weeks away we are getting ready for re-opening and welcoming back our members. We look forward to members enjoying the benefits of exercise and social interaction that golf brings in a safe manner.

Sadly, since we were last open and publishing notes in the local papers, many of our members have lost family members or loved ones. We wish to extend sincere condolences to our members who have lost a loved one during this time and our thoughts are with you all.


We commend our members for their track record of compliance with the Return to Golf Protocol after previous lockdowns, this has significantly contributed to golf being one of the first sports to resume. We urge all members to familiarise themselves with the Return to Golf Protocol when it is released by Golf Ireland in the next few weeks so that we can all play our part keeping our members and communities safe. 

Captains Michael and Angela and their Committees are excited about the imminent return to golf and have been busy making preparations, such as setting up the new handicap system. They have recently advised Golf Ireland of our intention to enter our teams in many national and regional inter-club competitions this year.  They are also preparing a timetable of competitions and events for the rest of our golfing year, in which we all look forward again to enjoying the great facilities and camaraderie at our club in Knocknagranagh.

Since we were last at the club, many improvements have been made on the course with new pathways, tee box marker upgrades and necessary thinning and pruning of some of the shrubs and trees. Also, investments have been made in more efficient equipment, and all our machines are having their annual maintenance completed. Scholar, Daniel and Bernard and John Moloney and the Course Committee are working hard to ensure the course is in prime condition for our return to golf. 

Given the COVID-19 pandemic disruption last year, the Management Committee decided in September 2020 not to implement the increase in members’ subscription rates which were approved in 2019 for the 2020/2021 year. Management are now considering putting a proposal to members, for approval at the next EGM/AGM, the feasibility of extending the membership year until the 31st of December this year. This proposal would mean that members would be invoiced in January 2022.  We hope that such a proposal will be adopted by the members when an EGM/AGM can be arranged.  

With the loss of society and visitor green fees and competition entry fees, membership subscriptions are key to making sure the club remains viable this year. Management have agreed to enforce the constitutional provision, whereby members whose membership has unfortunately lapsed, will be required to reapply to be reinstated on the BRS, if they wish to play golf when the club reopens. An additional administration fee may apply. We thank those members who have already paid and encourage those who have not, to contact the office ASAP about their intentions. 

We are delighted to report that Pat Dineen has agreed again, to facilitate a team to create a new 5 Year Strategic Plan. The last 5 Year Strategic Plan prepared in 2016 was the blueprint for major developments and improvements at the club over the past 5 years. Thanks to Pat for his support.